11. October 2018
11. October 2018

Residential project, UNI.3, Cologne

Property developer: Bauquadrat GmbH & Co. KG

Total area: 4.900 qm

Facade: Friedrichshain DF

Photo: Espendiller + Gnegel

Residential project Uni.3 in Cologne |

With the construction of UNI.3, an urban accent was set in the intersection area between Luxemburger Straße and Universitätsstraße in Cologne-Sülz. The new residential ensemble consists of two buildings. A five- to seven-storey structure closes the gap between the buildings on Universitätsstraße. In the interior, an independent two- to four-storey courtyard building was created. The opposing heights of the buildings ensure optimal lighting and create attractive roof terraces. The courtyard area is attractively landscaped and divided into private and public areas.

The building complex offers both compact flats with high-quality fittings and two- to four-room flats. The well thought-out, economical flat layouts are correspondingly diverse. The high quality of the 122 flats and flats should already become clear with the outer appearance of the buildings.

The project planners opted for a resilient and natural material that guarantees a durable façade quality. The low space consumption of the clinker brick slips, which are only 14 mm thick, made this decision much easier. The light clay-coloured façade colour of the ABC waterstruck ceramic lends the buildings the desired natural lightness and exclusivity.