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7. February 2022
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7. February 2022

Inclusive living in Ingolstadt

Owner: Gemeinnützige Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH, Ingolstadt


Architecture: EAP, Munich

Completion: 2021

Costs: 9,9 Mio. €

Gross floor area: 4.140 m²

Facade: 3D Glazed ceramics with saddle roof

Colours: Yellow, Astralwhite, Light-grey, Light-pink, Marineblue

Quantity: 540 m²

Photography: Fotoaterlier Bernhard

Inclusive living at Stinnestraße in Ingolstadt |

This project, with 44 flats, is intended to expand the possible ways of life and to create living conditions for people with disabilities that promote their independence and individuality and enable them to live a “normal life” in society. Living in the district should also be possible for people with disabilities and should not be a barrier.

The unique glazed ceramic façade on the ground floor makes the building something special with its colourful colour combinations.