Graffiti can be easily removed from ABC-NORDIC® with ABC-Graffiti-Remover. It has become part of the appearance of our cities and villages, but it is rarely welcome. On the one hand, they rarely meet the aesthetic taste of the house wall owners and on the other hand their removal is usually very costly. Although it is hardly possible to prevent the mostly night-time spraying activities, by choosing the building material for the exterior wall one can at least ensure that they disappear as quickly as they came and aftertheir use they are 100% reused for the development of the next product. Thanks to the extremely high firing temperatures in the manufacturing process, ABC-NORDIC® has a surface that reliably prevents the penetration of all kinds of moisture - from rain or paint. That means: Graffiti remains on the surface and can be removed with the ABC graffiti remover fast and effortlessly and above all without any residues.