Facing bricks Manufacta® Stavanger Kohlebrand, DF - ABC-Klinkergruppe

Manufacta® Stavanger Kohlebrand, DF + reverse facing

ABC-Klinker_Verblendklinker_454703_Manufacta_Stavanger Kohlebrand + Fußsortierung_DF_Fuge dunkelgrau_882x577
Product features
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PlantColourSurfaceWater absorption
Reckereddishwaterstruck≤ 6 %
Available formats
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FormatFormat No.Dimensions (mm) witdth x depth x heightPiece per palletkg per piece approx.
NF454705240 x 115 x 713364,3
DF*454703*240 x 115 x 52*4483,1
Sortings marked with * can only be produced for the object sector if larger quantities are purchased. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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