All colours of the series ABC-Langformat®

Since 2005, we have been the first German manufacturer to produce clinker bricks in this unusual long format, our ABC-Langformat®.
We manufacture these for you and your façade, depending on the assortment, in different colours, surfaces and heights. The ABC-Langformat® skilfully emphasises the horizontal of your façade and is produced in a standard length of 490 mm.

Schleswig blue tinge-varicoloured coal-fired Hamburger reverse facing

Atlantis grey-anthracite smooth, ABC-Langformat®

Hamburg black-blue-varicoloured smooth, ABC-Langformat®

Sortings marked with * can only be produced for the contract sector when larger quantities are purchased. We will be happy to help you if you have any questions.

Differences in colour, colour play and proportions may occur due to production/printing.