Individual façade decoration for the Prinz Eugen residential park
9. February 2021
Earth-coloured brick façade for the St. Peter’s Community Centre
9. February 2021

Living area Lindenauer Habour, Leipzig

Owner: Deutsche Wohnen SE, Frankfurt

Architect: Stefan Forster Architekten, Frankfurt

Total floor area: 6.130 qm Verblendklinker

Quantity: 1.600 qm facing bricks

Realization: 2020

Facade: Manufacta Westfalen ziegelrot + Foot sorting in rotation, DF

Photo: ABC-Klinkergruppe

A new residential quarter at the beautiful Lindenau Harbour |

Lindenauer Harbour is one of the major areas of development in the west of Leipzig. Only four kilometres west of the city centre, impressive industrial architecture and directly adjacent to the Plagwitz district, around 470 new flats have been built. In future, small shops, cafés and restaurants will also invite non-residents to stroll and enjoy.
The project was awarded the “Sustainable Living” quality seal by the Association for the Promotion of Sustainability in Housing (NaWoh).
The façade was brick-lined with Manufacta Westfalen ziegelrot and joined lengthwise with a light-coloured joint and crosswise with a red joint. The brick look was chosen to visually reflect the history of the old industrial harbour. The buildings thus blend aesthetically into the popular Plagwitz district with its brick buildings.
An ensemble of a point building and an L-shaped structure was created that addresses the theme of living on the water in a variety of ways – from the orientation of the floor plans and the large window openings facing the channel to the horizontally structured brick façade. The two five-storey buildings are characterised by high-quality materials, generous open spaces and restrained elegance.