Smart Beige

This sorting can only be produced in larger quantities for the contract sector.

Product features
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PlantSeriesColourSurfaceSlip resistance
Available formats
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Format No.Dimensions (mm) Width x Height x Thicknessm²/lm per packetPiece/m²/lmkg/m²/lm per piecePiece per packetPackets per palletPiece per palletm²/lm per palettkg per palett
1515150 x 150 x 81,539 m²39 pieces/m²17 kg/m²60422.52064,638 m²1.1099 kg
2020200 x 200 x 80,96 m²23 pieces/m²17 kg/m²22962.11292,16 m²1.567 kg
3030300 x 300 x 81,5 m²10 pieces/m²17 kg/m²154263063 m²1.071 kg

Application areas
Aesthetically superior design of commercial buildings as
  • banks, hotels, lobbies, business premises
  • indoor and outdoor of public and private buildings
  • etc.
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