Martini Park in Augsburg
7. February 2022

Living close to the city centre in Erfurt Brühl

Architecture: Lindschulte, Koblenz

Completion: 2022

Facade: Bremgarten and special production Langenthal, DF

Quantity: Bremgarten 850 m², Langenthal 500 m²

Photography: Fotoaterlier Bernhard

Living close to the city centre in Erfurt Brühl |

Around 63 modern flats and residential units have been built in Warsbergstrasse, some of them for use as assisted living or multi-family homes.

Through a calm façade interplay of different openings and slight projections, the building conveys elegance as well as invigorating urbanity. The clinker brick façade lends the square and the neighbourhood a character of high value, while at the same time it is equipped with highly efficient thermal insulation. The clinker brick slips are executed in a light shade and characterise the city square with restrained elegance.