This well-known quote from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe naturally affects us as brick-makers in our base.

As an family-owned business in the brick and tile industry, our product range is based on one of the oldest, natural building materials known to humans - the clay. The sensitivity and the innovative passion for bricks characterise and determine our company. And this since the year 1887.

Today, the ABC-Klinkergruppe finds itself in the fifth generation. Facade clinkers, brick straps, clay pavers, clinker roof tiles and floor ceramics are produced at six locations.

The continuous, flexible development of our building materials and their adaptation to the requirements of current architecture takes place in direct exchange with architects, developers and building owners.

Neue insights

Architecture has shown us that brick as a building material was able to adapt successfully again and again to the new requirements and tasks of its time - which is why we are already working today on the brick products of tomorrow.

We take responsibility

Traditional ties in the region always mean responsibility for employees, production, extraction of raw materials and sustainability. Low energy consumption in production, coupled with the careful and efficient use of resources and low material consumption, is important to us.
Die natürliche Schiefertonerde des Tecklenburger Landes bildet das Basismaterial der ABC-Produkte – ein wertvolles, echtes Natur-Produkt!

Gain some insight into the production


  • 1485

    Already in the year 1485,* the count of Bentheim allowed the town of Schüttorf to run a "Tiggelhof" in Suddendorf. Bricks, roof tiles and also pottery were burnt. This "Tiggelhof" was leased by the town of Schüttorf, the lease amount (300 roof tiles) was to be paid annually to the town. This "Tiggelhof" is the origin of our Schüttorf factory.
  • 1887

    The first generation dedicated to the production of bricks was Hugo Berentelg (*1846 +1922). He ran a textile trade, a hotel and several stone quarries. In 1887 he became a partner in a brickyard.
  • 1904

    Hugo Berentelg built his first factory - the Recker brickyard and took August Hebrok (*1868 +1939) into the company as a partner. Hugo Berentelg was responsible for the commercial area.
  • 1913

    Hugo Berentelg and August Hebrok bought the Hollager brick factory in the north of Osnabrück.
  • 1921

    In the third generation, after World War II, the businessman Hermann Berentelg (*1921 +1991) takes over the company August Berentelg & Co. KG. In this generation the change from a "simple brickyard" to an industrial production company took place. The ring kiln was replaced by the tunnel kiln and an automation of the brick production was initiated.
  • 1932

    In the second generation, August Berentelg (*1875 +1935) with the sons of August Hebrok, Emil, (*1906 +1957) and Hugo (*1908 +1968) built the brick factory in Natrup- Hagen, in the south of Osnabrück.
  • 1968

    Construction of the brick factory in Hörstel.
  • 1993

    Construction of the second brick factory in Recke.
  • 2001

    Acquisition of the ceramic plant in Westerkappeln-Velpe.
  • Today

    In the fifth generation, founded by the families Hermann Berentelg junior, Rainer Berentelg and Günther Hebrok, various brick products from clinker roof tiles, facade clinkers, clay pavers, ceramic facades to floor ceramics are manufactured at six locations.