Review ABC Architects' Day 2013

Presentation: Christian Heuchel, Architekt BDA / O&O Ortner & Ortner Baukunst

In 2011, Roland Duda, Christian Heuchel, Florian Matzker and Markus Penell were included in the company as shareholders / managing directors in order to assume responsibility for the high architectural quality. Since 2012, O&O Baukunst has expanded its field of interest and opened an art gallery, the 'O&O Depot'. O&O Baukunst is represented in three locations: Vienna, Berlin and Cologne.

Ortner & Ortner Baukunst

Presentation: Benedikt Schulz, Architekt BDA / Schulz & Schulz Architekten

The brothers Ansgar and Benedikt Schulz are jury members in architectural competitions, planning opinions and architectural awards. They are often invited to guest reviews and guest lectures at colleges, universities and congresses. Ansgar and Benedikt Schulz have been appointed to the Design Advisory Board by various cities. As experts, they advise the respective committees on questions of urban design and the cityscape.

Schulz und Schulz Architekten GmbH