Review ABC Architects' Day 2011

Presentation: Jan Kleihues Architekt BDA / Kleihues + Kleihues

The requirement for our design work is the will to design. The aim is to find an adequate expression for each building task that goes beyond what is necessary. The designs are developed from the cultural context and reflect the specific characteristics of the building task and the respective location. The designed buildings are sustainable - functional reference and aging ability are basic prerequisites for an economical and ecological use of existing resources. Accordingly, the right choice of material, detailing and craftsmanship are of great importance.

Jan Kleihues Architekt BDA / Kleihues + Kleihues

Presentation: Johannes Götz, Dipl. Ing. Architekt

Traditional awareness is the guideline of my architecture. Whether it's a new design or a renovation, my work is characterised by a view of the surroundings of a building and respect for regional building traditions. My sympathy is for an understated architecture that merges with natural use. My guiding principle is the relaxed elegance and discreet comfort of old buildings.

Johannes Götz Architekt

Presentation: Prof. Luigi Snozzi, Architekt BDA, SIA

Luigi Snozzi is one of the leading representatives of the contemporary Ticino architectural scene. For him, building is an eminently public affair. He combines a deep respect for the history of the respective territory with an equally intense desire for uncompromisingly contemporary architectural intervention. Snozzi's works are characterized by his preference for sensitive and intelligently applied exposed concrete. His work includes detached houses, social housing, office buildings and public buildings; his transformation of the village of Monte Carasso has become world famous.