We offer the room to the architects

If you are interested in the special qualities of architecture, we invite you to visit our "ABC Architects' Days", which take place every year.

In the DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, we offer well-known architects space to present their works, their ambitions, their philosophy and their social responsibility. At the "ABC Architects' Day", renowned architects present their urban planning concepts, their spacial sculptures and their artistic demands on urban and living space.

We have decided not to separate the areas of architecture and landscape architecture. The thematic closeness of the areas and the necessity of interplay is and should be noticeable at our events.

Intention and aspiration

The ABC Architects' Day series of lectures is continued annually. The positive resonances encourage us to continue the valuable discussions about the responsibility of architecture as a key factor in our living space. The "ABC Architects' Day" is a forum for sophisticated architecture.

A brick house as symbol of the lecture series

The small symbol of our lecture series has almost reached cult status. It is a collecting edition for our visitors as a basis for their own village. A symbol for the "ABC Architects' Day".

As patron and host ...

... we do not want to glorify international large-scale architectural projects without criticism. We certainly do not want a one-sided orientation towards the building material brick. - We wish for passionate lectures, architecture that inspires, space for social and cultural debate with our world. We expect suggestions and aspects of a sustainable architecture that can also meet the future economic, ecological and technological requirements of today's world.

We, the ABC-Klinkergruppe, are pleased to welcome you in the rooms of the DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst.